What happens when a woman who wants to add some excitement to her life meets a man who's more than willing to give it to her--as long as she understands it won't last a day longer than one fun-filled, thrilling, eye-opening week? 

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LJ Bradley has been sharing her short stories on social media and online writing sites for years. 

During that time she's met some loyal (and lovely!) readers and fellow writers who have supported her work and encouraged her to take the plunge into the complicated, frustrating, and ultimately satisfying world of novel writing.

Her first offering, The Sweetest Fling, is now available on Amazon. She'd love for you to check it out and leave an honest review. 

Coming soon...

Sadie has had a crush on her older sister's best friend, Mason Blackwood, for years. Lately her feelings for him have been changing, morphing into something she's pretty sure... yep, it looked like it might be love.

Now that she's built the courage to take action and make him aware of her feelings, why does it feel like the people closest to her are suddenly trying to keep them apart?

Only the Truth is a novella, and will be available August 2017!

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