Meg wants to add some excitement to her life, and Jack's more than happy to give it to her. The only problem? She's a relationship kind of person and he's... just not. 

Amid the exotic location of a Balinese getaway, Meg wants to discover if she has what it takes to enjoy a fling with no strings attached. All she needs to do is keep the connection purely physical and remind herself it's only temporary. 

Six days and five nights. 


Well, it could be if Jack would stop being so damn perfect. 


Sadie's had a crush on her older sister's best friend Mason for years, but over time she notices those feelings changing from the innocent hero-worship kind to something a little more complicated. 

Too bad Mason has no clue. 

To her he's always seemed unattainable, out of her league. Too mature and experienced for someone her age. Plus, there's the added complication of him being her sister's best friend. If she makes a move it could ruin everything. If she doesn't she'll end up miserable. 

She can't win either way.

But then Mason takes the decision out of her hands... and that's when she discovers just how complicated--and thrilling--her life can become.